A gentleman on Facebook, tweaked the autopsy sketch for Mike Brown in retrospect with his hands being up in the air when he was shot and killed.
Not that it didn’t look like an execution before, but with the hands up in the air… 
It just… Ugh!

No bae. Spooning with my dogs. 😭💕

This hurts.
A lot.

Black Men… Just in case you haven’t heard this in a while…

I love you. So so so much. Wholeheartedly and unconditionally.
I value you so much.
I’d never become indifferent to black men being killed senselessly.

We are by your side in protest and supporting YOU.
Please remember this the next time you claim we are not worthy to rule by your side…
For whatever reason you’ve given in the past.
You are our men. Our sons.
We fight, pray and cry for YOU.
Your fight for the right to exist and LIVE, affects US too.

Over the past week I’ve been writing post about Mike Brown and all that’s going on in Ferguson and just saving them as drafts…
I had been so emotional about the situation in general, I just kept most of the thoughts to myself.
I’ve been more vocal about everything on twitter than tumblr, but this is were I showcase the most emotional.
I think I’ve watched the news once or twice in regards to what was going on. Otherwise I was on twitter basically getting more accurate and dependable news and updates from there.
As everything was unfolding, I’d sit and watch live streams and timelines of those who were physically in the ground.
I’d sit in silence and I’d cry.
I am sad for our black (wo)men, who are being executed just for existing.
I am sad for my black son, I am in complete and utter fear that he may be the next…
I am sad for those who don’t understand or refuse to understand why WE are enraged about this.

I wish I was able to be on the ground some of my friends and others in Ferguson.
The next best thing was to donate to those helping those on the ground and attend local rallies.
I applaud and commend those of you who have been fighting in every way you can…
We aren’t helpless.
We aren’t powerless.

You are enough.
Forget the men whose hands have groped your hips
in search for answers to questions
you’ve never even heard of.
Do not settle for people who do not appreciate you,
who do not know how lucky they are.
Remember it is a privilege to be loved by you,
or even just
to be touched by you, and
the warmth of another body does not define your worth.

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Pride makes everything way more difficult than it has to be…

Something I struggled to understand in past relationships. 
This is something that I shouldn’t  have to demand from my partner and spell out for him…
If the love is authentic, if the love is self-evident then this should only come naturally to him.
Never again will I accept excuses as to why I am undeserving of unwavering love, especially when it’s being given. 
Don’t half ass love me man…

I’m done getting my hopes up when it comes to you.

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Bye Cali 😏

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