When yo’ bitch hatin’ and wanna photobomb yo’ pics 😒😏

I have pretty knees y’all…

I came to Cali to fall off the grid.
Supposed to be for a week,
but I might need two.
I need to disappear and become unavailable.

Do you ever feel like running away?
Just suddenly leaving.
No note, no warning.
Just getting your shit, and leaving.
Me for the next week or so…

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giuseppecristiano: Giuseppe Cristiano


a Quest is a trip to accomplish a task.

an Adventure is a trip without a destination.

a Journey is when the trip is more important than the destination.

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I have dreams.
Some of them I have a solid plan,
Some I don’t even know how to jump start…
I also want to share them with someone who propels me forward.
I’m not interested in a crutch or someone to carry me along the way.
Just a consistent partner who is trying to build something and wants me at their side during the journey…

"Love is a distraction"

I see this manta quoted more often than not.
What the fuck does that shit even mean?
Why does this generation act as if pursuing your dreams and holding down a healthy and fulfilling relationship is a fucking unicorn?
It’s not, especially when both people are doing what they are supposed to do to make sure one another is happy.
You are fully capable of pursuing dreams outside of your relationship.
When I see that shit, I assume that the person saying it is full of shit. It’s corny to me. It’s a front.

Love isn’t a distraction when authentic.
Love is nurturing.
Love is supportive.
Love is inspiring…
Not distracting.
I’m chasing my dreams I want to be holding your hand while I do so. I want you by my side. I want advice from my lover, plans of attack, influence. All of it.

Not saying you can’t be single and pursue dreams. You can.
Just stop acting as if love will be a reason you can’t or will be some type of road block or pot hole in that journey.
It won’t be love… It will be YOU.


You are not at fault for responding purely to something you thought was honest. 

You are not at fault. 

Celebrate your ability to love. 

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